Harea came up in a household surrounded by music. Everyday in the basement of the house his mother could be heard practicing bassoon, and on the main floor, his father practicing the violin . He never really had a babysitter when his parents would go to work, he would just tag along and sit in the orchestra pit with them. Harea developed his impressive and engaging performance ability from a life on the stage, whether it was playing violin recitals and high school coffee houses, or playing competitive tennis and hockey, he thrives under the pressure of an audience. 

Picking up the violin for the first time at age two under the influence of his Romanian father, he quickly developed a natural ear for music. He spent his childhood learning songs by ear on the piano, practicing ear training, and singing non stop no matter how much it may have annoyed those around him. Inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz, Justin Timberlake, and Prince, eventually his love for popular music overtook his classical music efforts and he began to write his own songs in secret when he was home alone. 

Songwriting quickly went from a hobby to a passion and he decided to enrol at Carleton University majoring in performance and contemporary songwriting. It was there where he met long time collaborator and friend Mike Giamberardino and Harea Band was formed in the dusty practice rooms of the Carleton music department. Over the years the band went from alt pop trio, to six piece funk powerhouse, and everything in between. Harea Band still works as a collective of creators and has come in to their own over the past two years as a pop, soul, and r&b group with a vibe comparable to Jamiroquai, Bruno Mars, and Tom Misch. In the past year, the band has released two singles and a live EP including a collaboration with indigenous rapper Aspects. 

Harea Band is proud of their achievements such as being nominated for the Stingray Rising star award in 2016, playing some of Canada’s biggest stages like Ottawa Bluesfest, Jazzfest, and Canadian Music Week, as well as having their music in featured and circulated on CBC radio across the country. 2020 has been a bit of a set back for all performers, but Harea Band has taken the opportunity to hunker down, refine their sound, and continue to release new music and content which is propelling them forward toward their goals of reaching international stardom. Keep your ear to the ground, because these young funksters are just getting started!